Camperspoint Philippines

Mountain Biking

Latest addition : 4 October 2011.

Filipinos have always been reputable bikers, and groups of racers or mountain bike enthusiasts are commonly seen in the Philippines. From the ridge roads of the Cordillera or the Sierra Madre, the river-crossings of Rizal province, and the countless other trails you may find in the Visayas or other islands of the Philippines, the country offers prime quality spots to enjoy "la petite reine" in any flavor you wish.

Every rider knows how unique the relation to nature one can enjoy on a bicycle. Coming across the Philippines’ natural wonders by bike is not only a sport, but one of the best ways to discover the country.

However, to get comprehensive information on the subject reveals to be a sport on its own. For the sociable newbie or the experimented rider, best is to mingle with biking groups. These can be met around bike shops, especially during the early hours of the week end, where they gather up and fix their bikes before heading to their favorite spots.

This section gives information on where to find the best trails to explore Manila and the country by mountain bike.

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