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Panay, an island located westernmost of the Central Visayas of the Philippines, surrounded by the Sibuyan, Visayan, and Sulu Seas; the Guimaras strait to the southeast separates it from Negros. Virtually triangular in shape, it measures 11,515 sq/km. A rugged and almost unpopulated coastline range parallels its western coastline. Between the range and a hilly eastern portion, a dense population of farmers inhabits the plains about 155 km from the northern to the southern coasts. A wide lowland on the southest is formed by the details of Jalaud, Jaro and Sibalom rivers. Panay’s major inhabitants are the Hiligaynon or Ilongo and the nomadic Negritos in the mountainous areas. Its large cities are Roxas and Iloilo City.

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