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06. Philippine Cuisine & Delicacies

Latest addition : 8 March 2006.

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A mouth-watering salad from Cafe By The Ruins- Baguio

In terms of culinary recognition, the Philippines is incomparably different from its neighboring countries. Its cooking techniques are combinations of European subtleness and Asian spices derived basically from how locals improvized their native dishes to blend with foreign concoctions. Filipinos’ favorite obsession is eating. They eat five times a day with rice as staple along with in-between sweet snacks. Gatherings and parties will not be completed without the presence of food. May it be dining at home or out in a party, Filipinos top the table with all the dishes they can provide. They socialize, but aim basically to satisfy their taste buds.

In this section, you are welcome to savor our local recipes for your future dining experience in the country.

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