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Latest addition : 27 January 2005.

verde islandKnown worldwide for its bounteous natural assets, the Philippines truly is a smorgasbord of tropical environment from the peak of its mountains to the deepest of its ocean. Lush varieties of rare underwater species and rich gathering of its habitat result to numerous trips dive travelers from around the globe spend in this country. Apart from the underwater beauty that every traveler wishes to witness in the Philippines, professionalism and appropriate skills of dive operators are added reasons why Philippines is their chosen diving destination. It has the highest reputation for safety and excellent diving facilities and proficient knowledge of their dive sites. All in all, diving in this country is safe and good, but for any activity, we always choose where to go.

Growth of diving in this country has been proven the biggest in Asia. Compared to other Asian regions, PADI has thousands of affiliated resorts and diving schools in this country. Thousands of divers get certified each month and many retail outlets and diving associations generated in most coastal regions of the islands. Whether known or unknown, diving is facilitated. And despite the stumbling economic situation of the Philippines nowadays, dive operators are able to cope up with the thriving volume of dive travelers each year. From a number of few exclusive operators to side by side establishments, traveling divers now can choose diving services from all of their prefered categories.

Below are some of diving destinations that made the Philippines famous around the world.

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