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Latest addition : 27 January 2005.

Not long ago, Philippine coasts were basically fishing villages characterized with strips of rugged and untouched beaches covered with rolling waves roughly sweeping its coastlines. When surfing came into daily activities of villagers, the sport became a hype; pushing more juveniles to partake into it. Surfing then turned a common sport participated by mostly locals. Major destinations like Siargao pulled surfers from around the globe, but, undiscovered coasts where there are even bigger surfs like Samar, remained unpacked by visiting surfers. The Philippines, although known for its enourmous waves brought by its tropical winds, remained an unpopulated yet an exciting surfing destination in the world. This does not only comprise the majestic portrayal of Catanduanes’ waves and cloud 9 of Siargao that ranked among the best in the world, other places with well preserved atmosphere such as Samar and Capones are superb options for both surfing and nature retreats.

The peak of excitement is the competing challenge for beginners to hyper-inducing barrels for advance surfers. For a place where every season brings out great unmarked waves for a more demanding experience and for unexposed locals to go out and participate, Philippine rugged coasts are best places to explore. Not to mention how locals easily adapt to the sport. They are unexposed yet every time surfers pass through their villages, a few youngsters later turned into eligible experts.

Another reason that has made this country a perfect destination for surfing is the irregular appearance of typhoons in late summer when tropical depressions and storms arrive from the Pacific. This undoubtedly results to emergence of wallops around the affected coastlines and remarkably bigger breaks on the shore. In many areas where monsoon waves are impressive, surfing takes anytime but wind blows most noticeably onshore, so best time to go is in the morning. The more consistent northeast monsoon expands, wrapping around the top of Luzon and roll down the west coast, with the wind slightly offshore; parts of northwest Luzon- mostly unknown are best spots to discover.

With the arrival of this sport and the excitement it brings, locals are adapting fast on advance styles and techniques. Some national teams have been organized and hosted mainly by good surfers. With further participation of visiting surfers from around the world, all through out the country where there are waves, catch the world-class classic waves up to 15 feet that wallops from 12 to 30 knots along with clear skies and low humidity from July to November. This is when surfing competitions across the archipelago are mostly held.

Before heading to these surfing destinations, be aware that most of these places might not have equipments or boards for rent. Always bring your own boards.

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