Banana Cue– Deep fried ripe banana in skewer

Toron– deep fried sugared ripe banana rolled in egg wrapper

Bibingka– cooked or baked rice cake in many varieties

Suman– rice cake wrapped in banana leaves and eaten with sugar as a dip

Ginataan– root crops, fruits and proccessed rice boiled in coconut juice and sugar.

Halo-halo– sweet beans and preserved fruits mixed in grated ice, milk and ice cream

Puto– steamed rice cake in many varieties

Siopao– dimsum, meat and gravy filling in steamed bun

Empanada– chicken/pork/beef sauteed with onion, garlic, and raisin filled in pillow crust.

Pulutan– finger foods served particularly with alcoholic drinks

Leche Flan– custard and creme caramel

Gulaman– gelatin drink

Mazapan de Buco– Oven baked young coconut cookies previously boiled in milk, sugar, flour and egg.