Mindanao’s Malay-influenced Cuisine

In Mindanao, most cuisines are influenced by the exotic taste bud of the Malays. Spices such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, chillies, lemon grass roasted coconut are present in most of their dishes. Their Seafood platter is prepared raw, grilled or fried; or put in soups based in lemon grass, ginger and green papaya and in some ways mixed with coconut cream and turmeric.

Chicken curry, a popular dish in most eastern countries, is prepared in Mindanao with taro in a stinging spicy curry sauce.

Every province boasts of having the best version of adobo. In most parts of the country adobo is prepared with soy sauce, vinegar and garlic, and thus turning its sauce slightly darker. Zamboanga’s adobo, however, prepared similarly but thickened with coconut cream, resulting it to have a more distinct character and taste. The province also is famous for its various way of serving root crops and rice. Glutinous rice is mixed with spices, coconut milk and prawns; or prepared with turmeric and pimento. Cassava, is boiled and grated into cakes or any other sweet pastries.

As the province composed of largest Spanish influence, Zamboanga’s cusido or commonly called pochero is a traditional Sunday platter served similarly to that of Spanish cusido, with sausages, pork ribs, salted pork, sweet potatoes corn and cooking banana or locally called saba. It is a famous dish that made Zamboanga cuisine a delightful blend of east and west.