Flores Yoyo

Did you know that aside from using yoyo as a toy it was also used as a weapon? Yes, and these people who utilized it as a weapon were no other than our pre-Hispanic Filipinos who lived in cycles of war between each tribe. Yoyos back then were not made of glaring plastic or colorful wood; they were made of steel characterized with heavy weight and bigger size.

Back then; this deadly yoyo was not able to do tricks such as walk the dog, the loop and etc. It could only do up and down motions to aim and strike its target. In the recent years, a man named Pedro Flores was not satisfied with the way yoyos just keep rolling down and then rolls back up. He invented a more interesting version where instead of knotting the ring inside the yoyo, he made a loop with the axes in it, and then twisted the strings. This enabled the yoyo to remain in place while spinning, and thus, “walking the dog” became a walk in the park. It was patented the “Flores YoYo”, but was bought and introduced by a foreign company. Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)