How and when Mindanao became an Islamic island

It is assumed that even before 1300’s, Jolo already had continuous trading relationship with Muslims from other countries. Islam was introduced when missionaries from Arabia came to Southeast Asia to extend their Islamic faith. Raja Baguida who was then the head of state strengthened the “Feat of Makdum” (Arabic name for master or father) in 1380. His daughter married the Arab missionary Abu Bakr who arrived in Sulu in 1450. Abu Bakr declared himself as sultan and based his regulations according to Koran, Islam’s holy book. Shortly, Sulu became an independent Islamic state.

Ortigas/Mandaluyong Restaurants


Figaro, 2nd Level
The Podium, 18 ADB Ave Tel: 634-0344

Hanisah’s Dining and Bar, Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Unit 204 Carpark Bldg, Tel: 635-9537, 635-9530

Cafe Elysee, SM MegaMall

Almon Marina, G/F, Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Tel: 634-1297, 633-6865

Edsa Shangri-la Pool Bar, 1 Garden Way

Cafe Med, 2nd Flr., Annex III, The Medical City
San Miguel Ave. cor. Lourdes St. Tel: 633-3859, 633-3880, 631-8626 loc. 760

Cravings Restaurant, 5th Flr.Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 635-6672, 635-6088

Dean St. Café, 429 Sunshine Square, Shaw Blvd. Tel: 717-0247

Figaro, 3rd Flr. Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 635-6204

Hello Kitty Café, 3/F, Building B SM MegaMall

Coffe Experience, 4/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Henry’s Freestyle and Cooks Studio, 641 Boni Ave.

Figaro, 2/F Bldg. A (near Cinderella) SM MegaMall, Tel: 638-3758

Garden Café, Lobby Edsa Shangri-La, 1 Garden Way, Tel: 633-8888

Gourmet’s Café, 5/F, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 637-2784

Haagen-Dazs Café, 2/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 631-0140, 637-4147, 631-0077


Tong Yang Hot Pot, 4/F Bldg. A, SM MegaMall, Tel: 631-3637

Charlie’s Wanton, 265 Haig St., Tel.: 718-1880

Gloria Maris, 1/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 687-3913

Han Pao Tea House, 312 Shaw Blvd. Tel: 534-3729, 534-3730

Maxim’s Tea House, 3/F Bldg. A, SM MegaMall, Tel: 634-0723, 635-3121

Hung Fu Dim Sum House, 512 Boni Ave. cor. Santo Rosario St. Tel: 534-1331, 534-1335

Hung Fu Dim Sum House, Kopi Tiam Plaza
66 Maysilo Circle

Tang City, G/F SM MegaMall, Tel: 637-2809

Luk Yuen Noodle House, Foodcourt Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Tel: 6331610, 6334396

Maxim’s Tea House, Food court SM MegaMall, Tel.6335532

Mongkok, 6/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 636-1103

Orient Pearl Seafoods, Boni Ave. cor. Sto. Rosario St. Tel: 534-1335

Penang, 3/F, The Podium, 18 ADB Ave. Tel. 631-8821

Mann Hann, Lower G/F, Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Tel: 631-7231, 631-0466

Super Bowl of China, Bldg. B, Megastrip 5, SM MegaMall, Tel: 634-7831, 687-7767

Moon Palace Restaurant, 654 Shaw Boulevard Tel: 533-9230, 533-4385


Akiga, 2/F Liberty Center 312 Shaw Blvd., Tel: 5330950

Nishiki, Mezzanine Tower , Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, Tel: 6347474, 6338888

Yaku, 3/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave. Tel: 6875368

Jedi San Authentic Japanese Food, 84 Coronado St. Hulo

Kitaro Sushi, EDSA Central Crossing

Kitaro Sushi Japanese-To-Go, 5/F The Podium,
18 ADB Ave. Tel: 633-8161,633-9606

JiPan, Upper G/F Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Tel: 6335990

JiPan, 220 Pilar St. Tel: 7235517, 7183891

Kitaro Sushi Japanese-To-Go, 5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 6335547, 6319750

Komoro Soba, Upper G/F SM MegaMall, Tel: 6338160

Rai Rai Ken, SM MegaMall, LGF Bldg. A Tel: 6335046

Saisaki, 4/F Bldg. A, SM MegaMall, Tel: 6333780, 6363785, 6331758

Saisaki, 207 EDSA Tel: 725-9224, 7051807

Sake San Restaurant And Sake Bar, 4/F Bldg. B SM MegaMall Tel: 6342481, 6331758, 6363785

Shabu-Shabu Bar and Grill, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Car Park nr. Shangri-La Hotel Tel: 9103272

Shabu-Shabu Bar and Grill, 2/F The Podium 18 ADB Ave. Tel: 9141028

Suburi, Kopi Tiam Plaza
66 Maysilo Circle

Sushi Mart, Lower G/F, Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Tel: 634-7896

Sushi-Ya, Bldg. B, Mega Strip SM MegaMall, Tel: 631-9998

Tokyo Tokyo, 1st level Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 687-7778


Cibo, 2/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 631-7753, 631-7761

Green Tomato, 6/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 885-7176

Piadina Italiana, Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Megastip, Tel: 687-7345

Madison Coffeeshop and Restaurant, 60 The Legend Hotel Pioneer St. cor. Madison St. Tel: 633-1502

Mixx Restaurant-Bar-Family KTV, 2/F J. Miranda Bldg. 429 Shaw Blvd.

Trattoria Gourmet, 5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 637-2784

Gourmet’s Café, 5th Level Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 637-2784

Allegro Caffe Italiano, G/F Wynsum Corporate plaza
Ruby Rd., Tel: 632-0623

La Primavera Ristorante Italiano, El Pueblo Real
Doña Julia Vargas cor. San Miguel Ave.

Paparazzi, Edsa Shangri-La, Mezzanine Tower Wing
1 Garden Way, Tel: 633-8888 loc. 12922, 12923

Pasto, El Pueblo Real, Dona Julia Vargas cor. San Miguel Ave.

Potato Corner, G/F SM MegaMall

Trattoria Gourmet, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd. Tel: 637-2784


Whistlestop, 1st Flr. Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel. 634-4435 to 37

Reyes Barbecue, Lower G/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel. 637-2484

Max’s Restaurant, Lower G/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 635-9980-81

Ang Tunay na Pansit Malabon, Food Court, Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Tel: 633-1872

Cabalen, 4/F SM MegaMall, Bldg. B Tel: 633-1761, 633-8183

Bacolod Chicken Inasal, EDSA Central Complex, Tel: 631-1014, 633-2503, 635-5585

Kamay Kainan, Lower G/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 635-0587

Watering Hole, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 634-0284, 634-0288

Barrio Fiesta Restaurant, 4/F SM MegaMall, Tel: 633-2563, 637-4385

Barrio Fiesta, G/F level Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 633-2563, 637-4385

Gloria Maris, 1st level Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 687-3913

Bakahan at Manukan, 4th Level SM Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Tel: 635-2232, 635-2231, 635-2233

Ilonggo Grill, Lower G/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Kamayan, 207 EDSA Greenhills, Tel: 705-1809, 725-9224, 725-5504

Lydia’s Lechon, Foodcourt SM MegaMall, Tel: 633-4966

Niña, 5/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave. , Tel: 633-3047

Old Recipes, Guevent Commercial Center 52 Libertad St.

Tanglaw Restaurant, 60 The Legend Garden Hotel Pioneer St. Tel: 633-1501, 633-1502, 633-1503

Orient Pearl Seafoods & Restaurant, 512 Boni Ave. cor. Sto. Rosario St., Tel: 534-1335

Pelican Bar, Horizon Edsa Hotel, Edsa cor. Boni Ave Tel.: 532-3021

Manna Bar and Restaurant, 1501 Princeton St. cor. Shaw Blvd.

Pinoydon Rice Bowls, 5/F The Podium, 18 ADB Ave., Tel: 631-1198, 631-5886

Storage Bar and Restaurant, 429 Shaw Blvd. Tel: 723 – 1797

The Aristocrat Restaurant, G/F Bldg. A SM MegaMall, Tel: 633-1874

Reyes Barbecue, Lower G/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 637-2484

Whistlestop Restaurant and Bar, 1st level Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Tel: 634-4435 to 37

Camiguin Island

By: babulajr

Camiguin Island – I had so many memories when I was a drug salesman and I travelled to the Island every month. It had in 1974 and my wife was giving birth to our second daughter in Cebu City. I tried to be with my wife during the delivery but I was stuck in Mambajao, capital of Camiguin where I usualy lived and because of the bad weather and typhoon was coming so I have to wait for another day. The next day, it was still bad. So, I asked one of the owners of boat (Banca with layag) if I can rent him to transport me to the Balingo-an, a town of Misamis Oriental and province of Mindanao. We agreed the price and so I have to decide even though nobody dares to cross that sea in between Balingo-an and Binoni because of big waves but I have to. It took us about 6 hours to cross and it only takes about 1-1/1 hour for the big lunch plying that area.

I considered this a big and unforgetable experience in my life and most the good experiences I had with this beautiful island, Camiguin. The scenic view is perpect, and the spring water is sweet because of the Hiboc-Hiboc volcano and the minerals, the old and big houses in Mambajao sorrounded with big trees and you can hear the sounds of birds and bats during your sleepy night. It is the right place for a vacation where people there are very hospitable. I will come again when I retire to see and stay for a vacation in that Island. I remember when I used to see tourists and foreigners (Australian, British, German and American) who go there for a vacation in that time 1974-75. I asked a question to them. I said “why do you like to come to this Island?” I remember one of them answered me.”because it is not only the beautiful beaches and scenic view but because of the people” I said what about the people. He said “The people are happy, relaxed and early in the morning they just stay in the corner of the street, or infront of their house and chat, drink, sing, coaxing their pets especially the fighting cocks and another that very typical for filipinos when they walk ….very very slow” So, I understood now because in the western world especially in civilized countries, people walk very fast because time is important to go to their jobs. But filipinos especially in Camiguin Island walks slowly and don’t think what and where is the next meal to eat. I did this when I was a teenager without job, we walk slowly with a guitar singing and walking slowly in the street. This is the end of my story.

A trip to Tabuk island

by: gcrjelyn

Adjacent to the town of Palompon, Leyte is a rich and diverse haven of marine life–and is among the newest favorite destination among tourists and environmentalists in Eastern Visayas region. The Tabuk island, was declared marine park and bird sanctuary through a municipal ordinance in 1995 thus protecting the island from man’s wanton abuse. Fishing was banned within the vicinity of the island, and then the depleted mangroves in the island miraculously recovered, after it was declared “no man’s land”.

Local leaders insisted that by declaring the island into a sanctuary, the fish and other marine creatures can multiply without human disturbances. After the island recovered, it is no longer “a no man’s land”, it is already open for tourists for nature trips and ecological tours. Local government officials and employees from across the country visited Tabuk island, for them to replicate the Palompon’s programs on ecological amelioration for sustainable development, coastal protection and conservation.

Tabuk island has its 3-storey concrete sunset and bird viewing tower and a boardwalk made of bamboos, traversing from the southeastern edge of the island to the western part. A stilt house and cottages for picknickers, and an awesome place for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Today, endemic and migratory birds flocked their new found home, and Philippine mallards (wild ducks) wades happily along the coast of Tabuk island. Wild ducks are quacking, echoing their joy because no would harm them in that part of the island we called “the mallard’s lair”.

In the northwestern part of the island is the bat kingdom, with thousands or hundreds of thousands of “kabug” hanging on the branches of the trees and at 5:30 in the afternoon, they flocked and invaded the adjacent mainland and find a place to rest.

At around 9:00 in the evening, tour guides were bringing searchlights for the marine safari and we are overwhelmed by the sight of colorful thousands of fish that leap out from the seawater. Fish of different species, big and small comes out and this proves that environmental protection and conservation successfully brings back the life of our marine resources.