An Ideal Place To Relax

On Aug. 2004, I was called to visit the remote area of Bohol’s P.C. Garcia Island called Lapinin on some maps. This area is easily reached from cebu by ferry via Tubigon and then a 1 hr. taxi. Pump boats can take you from Ubay to the Island. As of now, there is only one formal “resort” on the Island, built in a very pretty section of the Island, surrounded by lush greenery and a nice beach with plenty of coral. Visayas Breeze Resort has some basic accomodations and have a boat and some motorcycles. The Island offers some neat Hillocks for climbing, backpacking and offers terrific views to Camiguin Island and Leyte. The people are very friendly and the place is safe from all but petty crime. If you are looking for a remote place to relax, this is the place!

Robert Grigsby

Indiana, USA