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Accomodation in Sagada & Bontoc

Tuesday 1 March 2005, by catseye


Chico Terrace, Tel. 63-74-4623099

Ridge Brook Hotel, Tel. 63-74-6021071

Happy Home Inn, Tel. 63-74-4623021

Bontoc Hotel

Lynda’s Guesthouse, Tel. 63-74-6031053

Mt. Data Hotel, Tel. +63-918-3344701, (Manila) 63-2-5242502, (Baguio) 63-74-4445497

Churya-a Hotel, Tel. 63-909-430-853

Mountain Hotel, Tel. 63-74-4623018

Pines Kitchenette & Inn, Tel. 63-74-6021509

Village Inn, Tel. 63-74-6021141

Telecommunication is still developing in Sagada but accomodation is not a problem. Travelers are more used to looking for a place when they get in town.


St. Joseph’s Resthouse

Masferré Inn

A-Seven House

Green House

Sagada Guesthouse

Mapiyaaw Sagada Pensione

Rocky Valley Inn

Ganduyan Inn

Olahbinan Resthouse

Alfredo’s Inn

Pines View Inn

Sagada Igorot Inn

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