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Wednesday 24 March 2004, by catseye

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Bulusan Volcano

Mt. Bulusan may not appear as majectic as Mt. Mayon but mountaineers will experience a more challenging climb than struggling with the rocky terrains of Mayon. It has abundant rain forest that is maintaining the presence of some of the wildest animals in the country. Wildlife is rich in the area where nights can be filled with roaring sounds of owls and presence of deers and boars at daytime. At night, darkness is brightened by the sprinkling lights of fireflies. Thus climbing Mt. Bulusan does not only invigorates a mountaineer’s obsession for heights, it also promises surprising encounters with wild animals and peculiar vegetation.

Mt Bulusan is located in the inner district of Sorsogon where a jeepney takes you to its town and a trycicle to its entry site, Bulusan Lake- a lake oftenly mistaken as the volcano’s main crater. It is in fact a body of emerald green water by the peripheral crater surrounded by a densed gathering of trees and lush tropical plants. If not planning to hike farther to the volcano’s summit, a refreshing one hour walk around this lake is a worth-trying activity. And consider it as the beginning of a more interesting adventure if moving farther ahead. Expect challenging sights of thicker dense forest on the way that surprisingly emmerge to an open field of towering grass carpeting the surroundings towards the old crater valley called Agingay. This hike promises an extreme jungle experience but without the threat of distressing incidents.

Trekkers can camp overnight or leave the same day but caution should be maintained, this volcano is still active. Be sure to wear thick hiking boots, long pants and jackets to protect from unexpected presence of leeches and stingy insects. Taking at least one guide is highly advised.

On the way back, you will pass by tiny roads heading to some falls and hot springs with varying temperatures for a short healing bath.

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