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Camiguin Island

Wednesday 6 April 2005, by catseye

By: babulajr

Camiguin Island - I had so many memories when I was a drug salesman and I travelled to the Island every month. It had in 1974 and my wife was giving birth to our second daughter in Cebu City. I tried to be with my wife during the delivery but I was stuck in Mambajao, capital of Camiguin where I usualy lived and because of the bad weather and typhoon was coming so I have to wait for another day. The next day, it was still bad. So, I asked one of the owners of boat (Banca with layag) if I can rent him to transport me to the Balingo-an, a town of Misamis Oriental and province of Mindanao. We agreed the price and so I have to decide even though nobody dares to cross that sea in between Balingo-an and Binoni because of big waves but I have to. It took us about 6 hours to cross and it only takes about 1-1/1 hour for the big lunch plying that area.

I considered this a big and unforgetable experience in my life and most the good experiences I had with this beautiful island, Camiguin. The scenic view is perpect, and the spring water is sweet because of the Hiboc-Hiboc volcano and the minerals, the old and big houses in Mambajao sorrounded with big trees and you can hear the sounds of birds and bats during your sleepy night. It is the right place for a vacation where people there are very hospitable. I will come again when I retire to see and stay for a vacation in that Island. I remember when I used to see tourists and foreigners (Australian, British, German and American) who go there for a vacation in that time 1974-75. I asked a question to them. I said "why do you like to come to this Island?" I remember one of them answered me."because it is not only the beautiful beaches and scenic view but because of the people" I said what about the people. He said "The people are happy, relaxed and early in the morning they just stay in the corner of the street, or infront of their house and chat, drink, sing, coaxing their pets especially the fighting cocks and another that very typical for filipinos when they walk ....very very slow" So, I understood now because in the western world especially in civilized countries, people walk very fast because time is important to go to their jobs. But filipinos especially in Camiguin Island walks slowly and don’t think what and where is the next meal to eat. I did this when I was a teenager without job, we walk slowly with a guitar singing and walking slowly in the street. This is the end of my story.

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