Camperspoint Philippines

History of Leyte

Monday 13 September 2004, by catseye

Mentioning Leyte to every Filipino always brings back the memory of WW II’s most popular phrase “I shall return” of Douglas Macarthur. The Red beach of Tacloban City is a famed landmark where General MacArthur landed on October 20, 1944 as the fulfillment of his promise to liberate the Filipinos from the hands of the Japanese invaders. Today, this historic event can be witnessed through the larger-than-actual-life size statues of Gen. MacArthur, Carlos P. Romulo, Pres. Sergio Osmena and some other men walking ashore fronting the Red Beach.

Much of the city’s touring activities are based on this memorable event and most of the tourists whether Filipinos, Americans or Japanese are close relatives of the heroes who come to Tacloban to reminisce.

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