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Manila, the Capital

Monday 15 March 2004, by catseye

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Sky-scraping towers along Manila Bay

Located in Luzon, Metro Manila is the capital and the center of economic, political, social and entertainment activity of the country. Massive changes occured since the destructions of World War II. Rebuilding its economy was plagued with familiar urban problems like, pollution, traffic, and densed population, bringing out the reality of underlying poverty behind the present status of the city. Slum areas, beggars in the streets, loose criminals and clots of nonworking men are common sights around the area. Common but not terrifying, the city has low crime rate directed to foreigners. This congestion of people simply is the outcome of constant rural-urban migration. Most residents are Filipinos, and a quarter number of Chinese and foreigners staying for work.

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Manila Bay

Metropolitan Manila, popularly called National Capital Region was enforced to function as a united region of major cities and municipalities including Manila City, Makati City, Quezon City, Caloocan City, Pasay City and others. Manila City is the most promising tourist destination inside the Metropolis. This is where medieval establishments, museums and remnants of European memories are located. Despite of the massive infrastracture development in the region, Intramuros, Manila’s oldest district was preserved to honor its historic image. Also in Manila, China Town and the Muslim quarter, are mixed communities of extreme differences. China town which is the home of filipino-chinese society shows an exotic sights and smells of an old Hongkong community. Other historic treasures of the city include the busy and centuries old commercial districts of Sta Cruz and Escolta. Luneta Park or Rizal Park is a wide memorial quarter of Jose Rizal, mostly jammed- pack with picknickers during weekends. Paco Park has free weekend concerts of classic intruments featuring some of the country’s famous traditional music.

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