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Matabungkay, Batangas

Monday 9 February 2004

The package of having a beautiful sunset, white beach, and the provincial atmosphere made Matabungkay a drive-away beach destination for tourists coming from Manila. The area has little to offer other than swimming and watching the sunset but good enough for an inexpensive trip. Unlike other beaches, Matabungkay offers reasonable options for low-budget vacationers. Families who are unable to afford costly restaurants bring their barbeque sets and cook their food the way they want at the beach or at their rented open cottages. Others spend their day barbecuing on the shaded raft floating several meters off the shore. These floating sheds are rented out by villagers which they remark a purely Matabungkay way of picnicking. For upscale tourists, they can choose from luxurious resorts located along the right strip of the beach.

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Matabungkay’s dramatic sunset

This once fishing village drew young campers and beach lovers in its early years. Resorts popped out like mushrooms and created a huge traffic on local tourism. Due to this heavy flocking of local revenu, villagers drew their attention on complementary options such as selling merchandise, renting out floating sheds and boats for touring other islands. Previous to what they were used to, fishing then became an alternative source of their livelihood. During peak season, other than tourists, Matabungkay is crowded with locals persistently chasing tourists to buy their merchandise. They are somehow nuisance if you principally come for a peaceful holiday.

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Matabungkay Beach

To avoid inconvinience, be sure your resort has policy on prohibiting these vendors from getting in the resort’s vicinity. The best attitude when approached by these people is to simply say, no thank you. Never ever ask anything about their merchandise otherwise the whole clan will come up to you offering their baskets.

To get there, take south superhighway and exit at Santa Rosa or Silang. Turn right and follow the sign to Tagaytay. From Tagaytay, head to the direction of Nasugbu. After km 92, turn right to Nasugbu and Lian. At the shell station turn left to Lian and Calatagan. Follow the road to Calatagan until you see a big signboard at the right side that indicates Matabungkay beach resorts. Turn right and drive up to the end of the cement road pointing the beach. There you will easily find your way.

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