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Our Goals

Friday 23 September 2011, by Mounir Chaouche

Meren Floranda Chaouche is Filipino, who put up this site not only to reveal the best places in the country, she also aims at giving those future travelers a wider view on Philippine culture, arts, history, cuisine and its people.

Mounir Chaouche is French, who traveled around the Philippines for 10 years, married with Meren and working as a systems engineer in the country. Continuously enjoying the Philippines since 1997, he discovered his fascinations for all things Filipino and thus gave his unconditional support to this website.

We basically created this site

- to serve as a referential guide to visitors and residents of the Philippines.

- to provide relevant online information on Philippine culture, arts, history, cuisine, people and best places to visit.

- to unite people in a forum where they can interact and share interests on various matters regarding the Philippines.

We have extended our efforts to provide useful guidelines on how to move around safely and even to settle appropriately in the country.

We made sure the contents of this site are brief and simplified for easier comprehension. Please read our disclaimer for few things to consider.

For questions, comments or suggestions, be free to email us.

Photography: Luc Roullet, Mabelle Burgaud, Juliette Louis-Servais, Sophie Rodriguez, Michael Dioneda, Pia Faustino, Rodolphe Lina, Christophe Jan, Julie Dato, Marc Obrowski, Abi Quinones

Exclusive Articles: Marc Obrowski

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