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Pampanga & Bulacan’s Sweet and Sour Cuisine

Monday 18 October 2004, by catseye

Pampanga and Bulacan are highly recognized for its sweetened delicacies and well prepared courses. In Pampanga, cuisine is a major task lavishly prepared with natural creativity and talent. Food is attributed to its earthy abundance like fermented crabs, fermented rice sauce or buro, fermented frogs, milkfish in sour soup, fried mole crickets and sweetened cured pork slices known as tocino- a breakfast dish commonly prepared in a traditional Filipino table.

Naturally rich in rice and sugar, Pampanga region sweetens most of its dishes particularly desserts. Its incredibly tasty turrones, marzipans and meringues are some Spanish-style creams puffs or egg yolk custards. A traditional dish called Tibok-tibok which is made out of water buffalo milk blended with corn is not far from the race. Enseymada, a buttery rolled ban; bringhe, special rice prepared with coconut milk; leche flan, a crème brulee cooked with water buffalo milk; and a wide selection of rice cakes are Pampangeno dishes that made up the country’s bounteous delicacies.

Bulacan created its traditional cuisine mostly from their wide agricultural lands and big rivers. Bulakeno cooking is leisurely prepared the old fashioned way. River fish are boiled with citrus or in palm wine, then flamed. Mudfish are fermented or packed in banana stalks and buried in live coals. They prepare seafood like shellfish, sauteed with guava and flavored with ginger broth. Considering animal-raising as their main industry, Bulakenos specialize on meat dishes. If you haven’t seen a strange way of roasting chicken, try watching how they do it in Bulacan. They prepare chicken by having it sit in a claypot lined with salt and cook it as is. They even claim their version of relleno and galantina (stuffed chicken rolls); asado or pot roast; and estofado, pork leg; and kare-kare, stewed beef in peanut sauce better than other regions.

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