Camperspoint Philippines


Thursday 29 July 2004, by catseye

1 bangus or milk fish (grilled)

1 cup pumpkin (cut into cubes)

1 medium ampalaya or bitter gourd (sliced)

2 cups kangkong (cut into 2 inches length)

3 tbs fermented shrimp paste or bagoong

3 cups water

2 eggplants (chopped)

10 string beans (cut into 2 inches length)

3 tomatoes (cut into big pcs)

1 large onion (chopped)

6 okra (cut)

Boil the water in a big pot, drop in the tomatoes and onions and season with shrimp paste. When boiling, Pour in Pumpkin and string beans. Let it cook for a minute and next, pour in ampalaya, eggplant, kangkong and top it with the grilled fish. Cover and simmer until vegetables are well cooked. Serve hot with steamed rice.

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