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Points Of Interest

Thursday 6 May 2004, by catseye

Bokong Falls- a much closer point of interest from Sagada which only takes about 25 min walk to a small falls perfect for a short relaxation.

Danom Lake - 10 mins by jeepney along Cervantez route, a small, very well sighted lake in the middle of thick pine trees with beautiful flat areas perfect for day picnics.

Ganduyan Museum- a modest museum owned by Christina Aben displaying antiquities preserved by early inhabitants.

Sagada Weaving Shop- a place where best woven Bontoc cloth are made. It can be found on the road to Bontoc near Crystal Caves.

Echo Valley- If you want to witness more hanging coffins high on the precepitous rocks, this area is best to go. The hike takes about an hour but the trail is tricky on the way to other sites.

Matangkib Caves and Latang Underground River- just few kilometers past Sagada Weaving, the caves are at the right where preserved burial grounds can be found. Lighting gears and guides are necessary if planning to explore the underground river.

Sumaging Cave - astonishing rock formations await at around 30 meters below the ground. The hike requires extra precautions and an experienced guide as the descent can be tricky and dangerous.

Lumiang Cave - more burial grounds just 30 min walk past Ambasing and on the way to Sumaging are hanging coffins perched high on the edge of a rock.

Kiltepan Terraces- A spectacular view of rice terraces just 2 ½ km walk from Bontoc Road.

Fedilisan Falls- This trek may require certain cautions. It is advisable to move in groups for security reasons. From Sagada take a jeepney to Bangaan, exert a 30 min downhill hike and 30 min more to reach Fedilisan Falls. Cascading water falls down to a pool is perfect for a refreshing dip.

Gueday Village- is an interesting village practicing an ancient process of planting rice. Villagers have stone calendars to tell when is best time to plant. A prehistoric Stonehenge-like arrangement of rocks was once followed to tell the appropriate planting season. Other hikers not interested in this belief may just enjoy the lovely sceneries along the way and the hanging coffins placed high onto steep rocks.

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