Camperspoint Philippines

The Heroic Filipinos

Friday 20 February 2004, by catseye

Political and economic growth surpassed the life of the Filipinos under the Spanish rule. The growth of commercial agriculture resulted in the birth of a new class. Chinese- filipino mestizos gained recognition in politics and economics. Public education was implemented in early 19th century and most of wealthy childern were sent to Europe for higher education.

Nationalism blossomed in this liberal atmosphere. Out of these overseas students was Jose Rizal. He was able to practice his education through writing that strongly brought out nationalism among suppressed Filipinos. The massive distribution of his works opened the nation’s awareness but sadly caused his arrest from the fearful Spaniards. He was exiled in a remote island in the South.

Shocked by the arrest of Rizal, Filipino activists formed an organization named Katipunan under the leadership of Andres Bonifacio- a self-educated ordinary man.

Despite his exile and insufficient access to his fellowmen, Rizal then continued to write and silently expressed his anguish about his country. Frightened of bigger revolutions, the Spanish finally decided to execute him.

The execution of the silent hero, Rizal, resulted long years of battle for Independence.

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