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The Variety Of Visayan Cuisine

Wednesday 14 July 2004, by catseye

The Visayas is a gathering of big and small islands in the middle part of the archipelago where cuisine and delicacies vary according to their ancestral influences.

Natives in the Visayas don’t pass their day without any dish from the sea. Kinilaw is a common dish every Visayan prepare during a good catch. It refers to the marinating of freshest fish or shellfish in vinegar or any souring ingredients for eating raw. In Dumaguete, Leyte, Cebu and Bohol, kinilaw is prepared with coconut cream, palm wine vinegar, lime and chillies. Slightly different from a regular kinilaw which is prepared by soaking the fish in vinegar, and seasoned with lime, ginger, chillies, onion, spring onions and garlic.

The delicious Chinese noodle soup called Pancit molo of Iloilo are dumplings filled with minced chicken, pork and prawn cooked in a tasty soup that turns out a common dish in most Filipino restaurants.

Another dish Ilongo contributed to the lush cuisine of the country is the mouth-watering lumpiang ubod- heart of palm in fresh crepes, slightly mixed with shrimp and strips of pork meat.

Ilongos also shared a tasty dish with Bacolod locals called Binakol- a chicken soup dish based not from chicken stock but on Buko juice or juice from young coconut.

Bacolod also has Inasal or barbequed chicken marinated in kalamansi, a local citrus and atsuete or annatto, reddish seed used for food coloring.

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