La Union Hotels and Beach Resorts



Bali Hai Beach Resort, Tel. 63-72-2425679

Bali Hai East, Tel. 63-72-2420531, Fax: 63-72-2420528

Cabaña Beach Resort, Tel. 63-72-2425585, Fax: 63-72-2423107

China Sea Beach Resort, Tel. 63-72-2426101, Fax: 2420822

Coconut Grove Beach Resort], Tel. 63-72-8884276, Fax: 8885381

Long Beach Resort Hotel, Tel. 63-72-2420609

Mark Teresa Apartel, Tel. 63-72-8882084

Ocean Breeze Resort Hotel, Tel. 63-72-8883530

Schweizergarten Resort, Tel. 63-72-7052300

Villa Estrella Beach Resort, Tel. 63-72-2425644, Fax: 63-72-2420652

Pagdalagan Sur

Cesmin Beach Cottages, Tel. 63-72-8882884

[Koala Lodge, Tel. 63-72-2420863, Fax: 63-72-8885448

Southern Palms Beach Resort, Tel. 63-72-8885384,
Fax: 8885529



Monaliza Resort

San Juan Surf Resort, Tel./Fax: 63-72-2424544, Fax: 2426149

[Sebay Resort Hotel, Tel. 63-72-2425484, Fax: 2425482


Las Villas Resort], Montemar Village, Ili Norte, Tel. 63-72-2423770, Fax: 2423769

Scenic View Tourist Inn, Montemar Village, Ili Norte, Tel. 63-72-2422906

Sunset German Beach Resort, Montemar Village, Ili Norte, Tel./Fax: 63-72-8884719

Puerto de San Juan Resort Hotel, Ili Sur, Tel. 63-72-2423330, Fax: 2423331



Acapulco Beach Resort, Tel. 63-72-2425696

Blue Lagoon Resort, Tel. 63-72-8882531


Plaza Hotel, Quezon Avenue, Tel. 63-72-8882996, Fax: 2425760

Sea & Sky Hotel, Quezon Avenue, Tel. 63-72-2425579, Fax: 2423869

Sea Park Beach Resort, San Francisco, Tel. 63-72-8883411 to 14, Fax: 8882369

Hotel Mikka, Quezon Avenue, Tel. 63-72-2425737, Fax: 2422688

Oasis Country Resort Sevilla, National Highway, Tel. 63-72-2425621, Fax: 2421469

Oceana Apartments, Carlatan, Tel. 63-72-2425611-13

La Union, a surfing getaway

Located along the coast of La Union, San Fernando and its neighboring coastal towns are ideal for weekend surfing escapades. Unlike Siargao, the famous surfing capital of the south, it is easily accessible and resorts are suited for budget travelers.

This surfing hip actually begun in early 60’s when American servicemen from nearby base station started riding their boards along with the local kids on the shore. They started this craze and captured the interest of other surfing enthusiasts from nearby towns. Seeing it a potential source of revenue local officials soon introduced La Union as the nearest surfing capital from Manila. Nowadays, San Fernando is pulling up more visitors and progressively establishing its image in tourism industry.

Urbiztondo beach further ahead of San Fernando City, has best breaks suited for beginners. Surf Camps are common in the area, and may offer good deals on board rentals for new learners. Best season to enjoy perfect waves is between July and February or a week after a strong typhoon.

Taking your own car and hitting the road by night is the best way to avoid traffic in crowded towns along the northern highway. The trip takes 4 to 5 hours, and for commuters, take buses heading to Laoag or far north that drops by San Fernando Bus station. You can get off or stay until it stops at the surfcamps lying few meters from the road. Bus trips can take 6-7 hours.

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