Zambales Hotels and Resorts


Palmera Garden Hotel and Resort, Tel. 63-47-8112109, Fax: 63-47-8111886

Ocean View Beach House, Amungan Iba


Rama Beach Resort, Tel.63-9189101280, Fax: 63-47-8111042


White Rock Beach Resort, Matain, Subic, Tel. 63-47-2324446

Legenda Hotel, Subic Bay Freefort, Tel. 63-47-2521888

Grande Island Resort

Club Morroco Beach Resort

Country Cottage Resort (open cottages), Tel. (63-47-2321364

Apo Resort (open cottages), Tel. (63-47-2322411

Forest Hills Village Resort

Capones Island

capones_island2.jpgAnother center for a nearby holiday escapade is Capones Island. The trip takes about 4 hours from Manila passing through the city of Olongapo heading further north to San Antonio then following the directions to Barangay Pundaquit. The village’s beautiful beach is exceptionally located behind a mountain and facing the horizon of the setting sun. In front of it is Capones Island, which is accessible for overnight camping, day picnic and swimming. Bancas are present along the beach of Pundaquit, and available for rent anytime. Overnight stay is allowed but with prearranged pick up with a boatman. You may enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water along the beach, snorkel, explore the surroundings by kayak or simply walk around and discover the natural beauty of the island. Request your boatman to drop you closer to a tall cliff for a better shade. Be sure to bring all necessary gears and lots of liquids as the sun can be strong during hot summer season.

A few rustic resorts are available in Pundaquit if planning to stay for few days. There is a tiny restaurant serving good food in the area but we can’t assure their availability at this time.

Capones Island is famous for its average yet manageable surfs. On the right season, the island’s reefs offer well formed breaks for advance surfers. Pundaquit however has waves perfect for beginners ranging from 3-9 ft during season. This period commonly runs between July and December but the best timing to enjoy such adventure is within few days after a storm.

Pangasinan, Zambales & Pampanga Map

Activities: Surfing, Island hopping, Fishing, Swimming, Hiking, Camping


Iba– a place long been famous for its magnificent coast and eclectic sunset headed fast among others. Its beach sand although not that white, the warm blue sea water remains perfect for long swimming hours. Incomparably different from other beaches in Zambales, Iba is the most visited by local picknickers for its wide, long beach and dramatic sunset. Overnight camping as well is common in some crowded areas of Iba’s boundless beaches.

The other face of Zambales

Zambales is a province of 12 municipalities, which are mainly popular for its lovely beaches and picturesque sunset. Its provincial capital, Iba, is a town not known only for its wide beaches, also for its street dancing performed every 28th of August in commemoration of its town patron, San Augustine.

The commercial hub is Olongapo City, a town formerly occupied for years by Americans for military purposes, and was vacated due to the massive eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991- a landform presumed inactive for hundreds of years. All economic and social events established by the americans disappeared. Life changed for the dependent townsfolk and to bring the province back to life, the emptied military base was transformed into a commercial economic free port, possessing an immense area for business and recreation. The area was placed under the Subic Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), and was transformed into an investment site and a tourist attraction. It prospered for a few years but the sudden fall of Asian economy in mid 90’s devastated all thriving businesses inside Subic.

Along with struggling recovery, Zambales inhabitants rediscovered their tourism potentials. For only few years, this province which is located northwest of Luzon recently proved its appeal to wandering tourists in the Philippines. And despite of the transport dillema around the Pinatubo’s most devastated areas, Zambales has managed to focus on their alternate resources. The beaches around towns were promoted for closest city hideaways and regardless of the absence of Subic’s duty free shops, which were regularly visited by Manila’s wealthy shoppers in the early 90’s, Olongapo City’s surrounding beaches became the most accessible weekend destination for mainly residents of Metro Manila.

Pangasinan, Zambales & Pampanga Map

Activities: Island hopping, Fishing, Swimming, Hiking