Legazpi City inns & hotels

Hotel La Trinidad, Tel. 63-52-4807469 or 63-52-2143148

Legaspi Tourist Inn, Tel. 63-52-4806147

Albay Hotel, Tel. 63-52-4808660, Fax: 63-52-2143364

Magayon Hotel, Tel. 63-52-2143121

Hotel Victoria, Tel. 63-52-2143476, Fax: 2143246

Sampaguita Tourist Inn, Tel. 63-52-4806258

Tanchuling Hotel, Tel. 63-52-4806003

Casablanca Hotel, Tel. 63-52-4808334, Fax: 63-52-4808338

History of Legazpi City and other Albay towns

Legazpi City is the capital and the business center of Albay. It was built on mangrove swamps, which once bordered its magnificent deep water port. When the Spanish arrived in 1567 to set out their Christian mission, Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes and neighboring Camarines Sur comprised merely a single political unit called “Partido de Ibalon.

The city went through raids by Dutch and Muslim pirates before the arrival of the Spanish and was a horrifying sight of a much bloody battle during the Fil-Am war and WW II. The monument at the intersection of Quezon and Rizal Streets were built to commemorate the defeat of Filipino fighters by American forces in 1900.

Albay is the home of picturesque Mayon Volcano. In 1814, it erupted violently, spraying the community of Cagsawa with tons of hot volcanic boulders and covered the over 1000 townsfolk sheltering a historic church with cinders of lava. This church, which was then called Camalig Church was built in 1587, burned in 1636 and rebuilt in 1724. Now the bell tower, which is the only remain of the tragedy was turned into a park

Survivors of the 1814 tragedy moved to Daraga and built the present very striking European-styled church on the hill overlooking its town.

Albay and the looming threats of Mt. Mayon

Albay Province is home to the majestic Mayon Volcano. Named after a beautiful maiden, “Magayon”, which means beautiful, this scenic beauty is sighted to have the most perfect cone among volcanoes in the world. It has an exquisite appearance that disguises an startling behavior known only to residents of Albay. This volcano unpredictably behaves like a raging dragon, chasing the jumbling locals with flaming lava and layers of ashes out of their houses. Undecided whether to desert their hometown or to live with the dreadful presence of its shadow, they, however, choose to stay and consider the presence of Magayon a lingering phantom that is periodically haunting them with fearful visits.Mayon Volcano

Despite these discouraging facts about Mt. Mayon, it is still regarded an ideal destination for an ultimate climb. Many aspire to reach its summit but because of its intimidating nature, Philvocs advise those who only come for sightseeing to stay at the view point located at the mid part of the volcano. There are skilled mountaineers who have already reached its crater but only a few encourages others to go. It is no doubt a thrilling experience but the climb is tough and may require strong endurance, courage, and knowledge on volcanic topography. Interested climbers should first consider their skills before going. Consulting PHILVOLCS for its precise volcanic activity before heading and taking an experienced guide is a must, or climb with someone who had been there. The climb and descent takes about 2 days.

For passers by, the ruins of a community buried by Mayon’s raging eruption in 1814 whereas boulders of lava submerged the whole town and ran over the Cagsawa church filled with townspeople is undoubtedly informative and somewhat nostalgic. It is located along the national highway; just few kilometers out of the city.

Other points of interest start from the city to the hot spring town of Tiwi where Mayon is at her photographic best. Try visiting ancient churches of albay, caves around Camalig and beaches within the area. On the way back to Legaspi City, handicrafts and local delicacy stores are found near the market, where bus terminals are also located. Transportation is well organized and very safe. However, nothing else is here unless you get out and look for a more natural getaway. Moving down south brings you to the lovely quiet town of Sorsogon.

To get there, Philtranco bus company in Pasay City has regular routes to most districts of Bicol. The ride takes about 10 to 12 hours from Manila. PAL and Air Philippines have regular flights to Legazpi City.

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