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Puerto Galera


Sabang Inn Dive Resort, Tel. 63-43-287-3198

Atlantis, Tel. 63-43-287-3066

Captain Gregg’s, Tel. 63-43-287-3070

Big Apple, Tel. 63-43-287-3134

Mermaid Resort, Tel. 63-43-287-3301

Garden of Eden Dive Resort, Tel. +63-9175377922

Prince Diving Resort, Tel. 63-43-287-3155

Small La laguna:

El Galleon, Tel. 63-43-287-3181

Club Mabuhay Resort, Tel. 63-43-287-3097

Sunsplash Resort, Tel. +63-9185054617

Portofino, Tel. 63-43-287-3227

Nick & Sonia’s Cottages, Tel. +63-917-4567824

Sha-Che Inn, Tel. +63-917-6410112

Big La Laguna:

La Laguna Beach Club, Tel. 63-43-2873181 or 63-9177940323

Scandinavian Divers Beach Resort, Tel. +63-917-9037582

Aninuan Beach:

Aninuan Beach Resort, Tel. +63-9202268808

Tamaraw Beach Resort, Tel. +63-9166132845

White Beach:

Cherry’s Inn, Tel. +63-920-5560046

Lenly’s Beach Reasort, +63-919-6966511

Marco Vincent Resort, Tel. 63-2-8920309


Buri Beach Club, Tel. 63-2-8402245


Coco Beach Island Resort, Tel. +63-9195470343 or +63-9195400000


Blue Crystal Beach Resort, Tel. 63-43-2873144 or +63-9163490109

Kalaw Place, Tel. 63 (43)4420209 or +63 9175322617

Tanawin Bay Resort, Tel. 63-43-4420112 or 63-43-2873337

Other Resorts:

Coral Cove Resort, Tel. 63-2-7531192 or 845-0674



Pandan Island Resort, Tel. +63-9193057821

History of Mindoro

The name Mindoro comes from the Spanish word “Mina de Oro” or gold mine. Miners laboriously made a living from streams, but no viable commercial gold deposits have been found. The Spanish arrived only to find Chinese traders of silk, porcelain, jewelry, and took their goods by force. The island resisted such invasion and later, against the Americans.

Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the island was inhabited by tribes called Mangyans. These early settlers have been pushed inland recently by severe influx of tourism.

The capital, Puerto Galera is a terrific natural harbor, where ships may lie safely even during typhoons. Due to its magnificent array of white sand beaches, this district in the east became a destination for urban settlers and budget travelers seeking sun, water and diving activities. The invasion of tourism transformed this small part of the island into an immense incursion of concrete resorts, shops, dive shops, restaurants and loud bars. Many foreign settlers married local girls and set out their own resorts and diving institutions. Numerous beaches turned out a sight of restaurants, discos and rental shops for water activities.

Points Of Interest


Pandan Island-This tiny island of white sand beaches has a humble resort operated by a french national and catering excellent facilities for diving. It is as well the jumping-off point for divers heading to Apo Reef lying 30 km southwest of the island.

Apo Reef– has spectacular wall dive sites hosting fan corals, gorgonian drips and a wide variety of tropical reef creatures. Mantas sometimes show up and some hammerheads, whitetip and other species of sharks are commonly seen. Best season to witness their activity is between March and June.

Verde Island-located few kilometers from Puerto Galera, this island has great wall dive hosting hundreds of species of soft and hard corals. Gorgonians covering the wall spectacularly mix with the colorful assortment of thousands of reef fish in the area.


Mindoro is still wild so it is wise to always have guides familiar with the place before hiking the interiors of the island, like Mangyans- a tribe inhabiting the inlands. Trekking requires long stamina and solid strength for long walks and high ascents. Leave as early as possible to avoid catching the strong heat of the sun. Be prepared of extreme weather changes and strong winds along the way. Leeches are common and cuts can be unavoidable. Be well equipped.

Mt. Halcon-is the highest peak in the island measuring 2586m. high. Covered with thick clouds most of the time, this mountain presents stunning views of southern’s most popular landforms such as Mt. Mayon of Bicol during clear skies and Mt. Banahaw of Batangas. Wildlife in the area is rich. You may come accross some monkeys, wild birds, boars and deers on the way. The trek starts with an hour jeepney ride from Calapan to Lantuyang- a mangyan tribe inhabited area.

Mt. Iglit– is the gateway to the protected habitat of endangered Tamaraw. The trek starts from a jeepney ride in San Jose to Bgy. Poypoy Calintaan. River crossing is common during the hike. Exciting but can be difficult during heavy rains. Tamaraw viewing is perfect in the summit of either Mt. Magawang and Mt. loibpo at early morning and in the evening. Both points give stunning views of the park and other wild animals.


Calapan Route The route from Puerto Galera to Calapan can be as challenging as hiking to deeper mountains of Mindoro. It is constructed along the coast giving a wide stunning views of the eastern side. The way is broken into asphalts and dirt roads that unfortunately give choking dust during dry season and mud on rainy season. About 18 km from Puerto galera, you may drop at the Tamaraw Falls just lying few steps from the highway. A little rest area off the road have tables for small snacks and a little pond with cascading water for a quick dip. There are also several detours that can offer more challenging routes. Just a little distance past the falls, you may want to go for an adventure ride passing through several raging rivers and exciting uphill and downhill tracks which are muddy when rainy and very rough when dry. This is the route to Tocoran Falls- a little hidden falls in the midst of thick greeneries at the end of the river.

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Sabang, Puerto Galera & White Beach

Easily accessible by boat or Ferry from Batangas Pier, Mindoro’s impressive display of natural environment made it Manila’s closest island escape. From Puerto Galera to its neighboring coastal towns, Calapan, Sablayan and others, Mindoro comprises an abundance not only for its famed marine sanctuary and untouched coral gardens but also for its undiscovered treasures which are only familiar to locals who are simply exploring the island by foot. The interior of the island has massive rivers, cascading falls, unexplored caves and sky-scraping peaks, and never-ending strips of white-sand beaches all over its coasts. Due to lack of access and geographic connection between districts in the island, however, these attractions remained inaccessible by four-wheeled vehicles. Tourists explore these places regardless of distance and extra effort by trail motorbikes or by boats. Others use their feet to simply reach a nearby cove or an interesting place. A tricky but an exciting way that they have to encounter just to see the entire beauty of Mindoro, but discovering a place this way according to them is far better than traveling the busy streets of a well developed city. Small La Laguna

Sabang, east of the tranquil town of Puerto Galera, was the first beach to be discovered, and is now thickly populated by massive establishments squeezing together along its coasts. Resorts are popping out from every corner of the rocky hills of Sabang and Loud bars and Discos came out rocking the coastal village from early afternoon to daybreak. Small La Laguna, SabangThe village idyllic nature turned into a district of tourists looking for activities aside from scuba diving. Strange as it is, Sabang villagers were able to adapt and considered this unfamiliar lifestyle an easy alternative to their maritime life. From a secluded to a thriving community of divers, tourists and merchants, Sabang became a quarter of varied people together into one common purpose, to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and to experience a mix of uncluttered atmosphere and laid back living.

Holy Week at White Beach Puerto Galera initially sprang up to giving main concern on diving but further discovery of the island as well famed itself a perfect hiking, mountainbiking and motorbiking destination. These are the nearby challenging trails and tracks leading to some waterfalls and rivers on the way to Calapan. White sand beaches covering the stretching coastline of Puerto Galera have always been favorite destinations for weekend trips. The constrasted populous White Beach, Aninuan Beach, and the quiet Talipanan Beach- all at the western end of the concreted road running from the center of the town. White beach is the more developed destination and oftenly flocked by young vactioners during summer. It oftenly turns out a venue for music festivals, gathering young and old to breathtaking sights and sound of beach parties accompanied with never ending loud music and non-stop eating and drinking for days.Aninuan Beach

The western side of the island has peaceful places for tourists who are seeking for a more relaxing atmosphere. Pandan Island is a famous island escape and the jump-off point to Apo Reef, a world-known diving paradise where unusual fishes that cannot be seen in the mainland have been seen inhabiting the area. See Points Of Interest for more details.Pandan Island

To get there, regular visitors usually hire big boats or bancas to take them straight to Sabang. These bancas are prearranged and have to be reserved before arriving in Batangas. Pick-up venue is at Leah Beach, few kms. from Batangas port. Just ask the direction of Shell Refinery and Leah Beach is only a turn away. This is highly advised for families and groups. It is much safer and less stressing than to struggle for a ride at Batangas port. To reach Batangas, take south super highway and exit at direction Batangas/Quezon. Follow the road then turn right to Star Tollway. Move to the direction heading to Batangas and just before reaching the city turn left at Lion’s Club monument. If it is one-way, you will be directed to turn left at another street few meters ahead. Then follow the road to SM mall and move further to Shell Refinery. The way to Leah beach has sign boards indicating names of resorts in Sabang.

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