Romblon- politically is a part of Southern Tagalog group. Geographically, however, belongs to the Visayan group. Sibuyan, Tablas, and Romblon are the main islands comprising the main province. Because of its seclusion from the destructive mass tourism, these province maintained its natural charm and peaceful environment. Romblon’s main source of livelihood is the production of marble. It is evident through the quaries visibly seen upon approach by the sea. Inside the town plaza, numerous shops sell marble figurines, plaques and mortars and pestles.

Every January they hold the so-called Biniray Festival as reenactment of the Spanish friars attempt to take the image of Santo Nino out of the province. The image according to the local legend, prevented them from leaving by creating a storm each time they departed. On the day of the festivity, locals and tourists collectively gather up to witness the fun-gearing parade of magnificent-looking street dancers accompanied by the rhythmic beat of their drums and percussions. The participants wear blue make up painted all over their bodies- colorful enough to accolade the brightness of the day; others painted their bodies black with traces of red, orange and yellow on their faces to bring out their warrior image.

Not frequently traveled by tourists, Romblon, however, has treasures even more beautiful than other places in the country. It may not have classy restaurants, ATMs, bars or five star resorts; the islands of Romblon are filled with wildness unspoiled by time and utmost privacy. There is a myriad of secret coves and serene islets everywhere with shallow and calm water perfect for swimming and snorkeling. For a more diverse adventure, visit the lakes and caves inside the island. Another destination is the hidden sea of Calatrava, an inland salt-water lake with rock formations and cave-like structures within its periphery. It is also home to some unusual shellfish and salt-water creatures.

Beaches in Romblon are covered with powdery white sand comparable to those of Boracay. Talipasak beach, one of Romblon’s prides, has stunning beaches that compliment its very calm crystal clear water. In the humble town of Alcantara- inside Tablas island, Aglicay Coves and white sand beaches are finest places to visit. Sta. Maria has beaches that closely resemble other best places among three islands.

To get there, MV Mary the Queen has 12 hour routes from Manila to Romblon Island and Cajidiocan in Sibuyan Island that leaves every Saturday at 5pm. Other alternative routes are via Montenegro Shipping lines, Viva Shipping lines and Shipshape Ferry from the port of Batangas City, two hours and a half by land from Manila. From Batangas, ferries sail the 8 hour trip to Odiongan port and to the port of San Agustin in Romblon Island and Magdiwang in Sibuyan Island.