Siquijor Beach Resorts & Lodging houses


Luisa & Son’s Lodge

Mykel’s Garden Pension House, Tel. 63-35-3772048

North Haven Lodge, Tel. 63-35-3772358

San Juan:

Charisma Beach Resort->], Tel. 63-35-4815033

[Coco-grove Beach Resort, Tel. 63-35-4815008, Fax: 63-35-4815006

Coral Cay Resort, Tel. 63-35-4815024

Royal cliff Resort, Tel. 63-35-4815038


Kiwi Dive Resort, Tel. 63-35-4240534, or +63-917-3615997

Islanders Paradise Beach Resort, Tel. 63-35-4841174, +63-9194469982

Karlson’s Guesthouse, Tel. 63-35-3773342

Casa De La Playa Resort, Tel. 63-35-4841170

Other Resorts:

Norwegian Dream House, Candanay Tel. 63-35-4809095, Fax: 4809094

Siquijor- Mysterious and Magical

Siquijor, an island believed to have risen from the ocean in an immense storm is also considered the land masked with mysteries and unusual religious beliefs. The Spanish called it the Fire Island or Isla del Fuego. Black art is a famous practice for most people in the island, where many of them take pride in their mystical powers. During holy week, several rituals combined with Christian faith are performed to enhance their supernatural skills.Siquijor  Sunset

The island is famous for mangkukulam, healers or sorcerers-individuals who treat ailments and cast maleficent spells. For a certain amount, you can order them to cast a spell against a rival or an enemy; or in contrary one can have a curse reversed or have the effect of spell removed. Each of these sorcerers or commonly called mangkukulam has his own methods during such act, and each of them sell amulets or locally called anting-anting to give a wearer a certain power to avoid him/her from harm. The places where to find them are Siquior town, San Juan or San Antonio.

Apart from these unexplained assets of Siquijor, there is another form of magic enchanting enough to place your mind in peaceful paradise. For travelers who are simply escaping from the fast urban life, the island is a perfect laid back getaway. It is surrounded by uncrowded beaches, unexplored caves, picturesque sunset and varying colors of the sea filled with mysterious sites to discover. Siquijor Beaches

Magical in every angle, Siquijor in general is an idyllic tropical paradise purely sustained by nature itself. It is a destination far beyond the standard of traveling and reaching places.

The best way to discover these scenic spots is by following the 102 km coastal road that rings the whole island by motorcycle or by tricycle. These bikes can be found easily in Larena, the main port of entry for travelers, or in resorts anywhere in the island. Boundless strips of white sand beaches covering every angle of Siquijor are ideal spots for swimming and relaxing. Visit all the stretching coasts of Larena, San Juan, Lazi and other towns. All of which are covered with beaches sheltered under towering coconuts and resorts that are offering varieties of water activities.Sunset at Siquijor Beaches

To get there, Pal and Cebu Pacific have daily flights from Manila to Dumaguete. Access to Siquijor is via ferry from Dumaguete’s main pier. Although expensive, hiring a private boat is a more convenient option.

Geographic Description:

Siquijor, called Isla Del Fuegos by the Spanish explorers because of the myriad fireflies that they found there is an island made up of sedimentary rock and fringed coral reefs. It is located in Bohol Sea, 30 km southeast of Negros possessing an area of 292 sq/km with flatlands of narrow floodplains and deltas. Larena and Lazi are the main ports for shipping; and the main industry is fishing.

Negros Oriental

Like other islands in the Visayas, both sides of Negros have beautiful beaches and attractive places of interest, they both possess towering mountains, volcanoes, serene lakes, and spectacular dive sites.

Negros Oriental, the side facing Cebu Island, has perfect destinations for adventure travelers. There are mountains, volcanoes, falls and caves waiting for exciting explorations. Mt. Talinis, a 1900 meter-high dormant volcano, has challenging trails and refreshing waterfalls stops, which are called Pulangbato and Casiroro falls and for a persevering climb, Mt. Kanlaon, a fiery volcano with an impressive ascent of 8000 ft above sea level is a good target for extreme thrills and high-level trekking skills.

Caving in the area is a worthwhile travel experience. Visiting the second longest cave in the Philippines named Odloman Cave can thrill tourists to the best of their expectations. The town of Mabinay has many caves to explore such as Pandalihan, Cayaso, Panligawan and Copie caves. All have varied impressive sights to offer.

Dumaguete is a small city where everything is within walking distance and has tricycles easily available for reaching distant places. It has many beaches intended for relaxation and day picnics. Siliman Beach, seaward of a marine ward- an organization for marine concervation, has nice beaches for day picnics. And if you want to bring home some of the province’s authentic handicrafts, the sidlakang Negros showroom is the best place to go. Pottery items, colorful baskets, stone-crafts and hand-woven fabrics are displayed for best price.

During Wednesday, the Malatapay Seaside market in the town of Zamboanguita, 5 km. south of Dumaguete, comes to life where people from around the island trade goods from fresh seafoods to roasted suckling pigs under the coconut trees lined up along the beach. It is a sight of traders, shoppers and picnickers having their seafood cooked on barbeque stalls and people drinking “tuba”, a local wine at their set up tables. Zamboanguita is a fairly small town that has a zoo and a park built by the Lamplighters. It is a camp featuring collections of native animals and paraphernalia of white monkey (a type to be reputed seen only once a year on Siquijor). If coming for a more relaxing visit, there are nice resorts providing snorkeling and swimming facilities located south of the town.

If you want a more adventurous vacation, discover the underwater assets of Apo Island- a marine conservation park of beautiful coral gardens and spectacular marine species, which is 45 minutes boat ride from Malatapay pier in Zamboanguita. A trip ranging from snorkeling, swimming and diving can be worth-spending during a dull day. There are various cottages made of bamboo and nipa around the island for overnight stays and residents selling fish most of the time offer to cook dishes right at the beach. Aside from these water pastimes, a chat with women weaving mats out of pandan leaves can be a completion of an exotic experience. The comfort of Apo island is basic- with no electricity and on dry season, shortage of water is expected. This slight inconvinience although preserves the island’s peaceful environment.

Sumilon is a petite island at the southern tip of Cebu developed by Siliman University as a marine preserve, then got involved in a controversial feud between two provinces over control and jurisdiction. Not surprisingly because of its lovely beaches and excellent snorkeling and diving sites. Bring a picnic lunch and drinks if planning to stay there for the day.

To get there, PAl and Cebu Pacific have 70 mins flight from Manila to Dumaguete. If coming from cebu, there are ferries heading to Dumaguete once daily. The ride takes about 3 hours and 15 mins.