Boracay beach resorts & hotels


Jazzed Up Café Hotel, Tel. 63-36-2885170, Fax: 2885171

Casa Pilar

Villa Camilla, Tel. 63-36-2883354, Fax: 2883106

Culpepper Lodge, Tel. 63-36-2885072

Saigon Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883203, Fax: 2883532

Floremar Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883601

The Orchids Resort, Tel. & Fax: 63-36-2883165

Austrian Pension House, Tel. 63-36-2883406

Casa Camilla, Tel. 63-36-2883051

357 Boracay, Tel. 63-36-2883040

Sea Side Cottages, Tel. 63-36-2883138

Melinda’s Garden, Tel. 63-36-2883021

Alyssa Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883102

Moreno’s Place, Tel. 63-36-2883182

Angol Point, Tel. 63-36-2883107

A-Rock Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883201, Fax: 2883526


St. Vincent Cottages

Roque’s Place, Tel. 63-36-2883356

Laguna de Boracay, Tel. 63-36-2886173, Fax: 2883480

Mona-Lisa Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883205

La Isla Bonita Cottage, Tel. 63-36-2883501

Ati-Atihan Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883226

Villa de Oro, Tel. 63-36-2885456, Fax: 2603070

Le Soleil de Boracay, Tel. 63-36-2886209, Fax: 2886118

Lorenzo Main Resort, Tel. & Fax: 63-36-2883808

La Luna Court, Tel. 63-36-2883657, Fax: 2883766

Calypso Villa, Tel. 63-36-2886241, Fax: 2883478

Casa Pilar, Tel. 63-36-2883202

Bamboo Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883109, Fax: 2885047

Tonglen Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883457, Fax: 2883919

Dalisay Village Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883266

Morimar Boracay Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883120

Nigi Nigi Nu Noos, Tel. 63-36-2883101, Fax: 2883112

Nirvana Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883140, Fax: 2883083

Paradise Garden Resort Hotel, Tel. 63-36-2883411, Fax: 2883557

El Centro Island Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2886352, Fax: 2886055

B & B Beach Resort, Tel. & Fax: 63-36-2883235

Boracay Beach Chalets, Tel. 63-36-2883992, Fax: 2883209

Boracay Imperial Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883506


Boracay Gold Crowne Club, Tel. 63-36-2883942, Fax: 2883637

Pearl of the Pacific, Tel. 63-36-2883220, Fax: 2883961

Boracay Hideaway Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883548

Boracay Plaza Beach Resort, Tel. & Fax: 63-36-2883702

Boracay Regency Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2886111, Fax: 2886777

Bans Cottages, Tel. 63-36-2883156

Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883409, Fax: 2883061

Crystal Sands Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883149, Fax: 2883087

Fiesta Cottages, Tel. 63-36-2883818

Frendz Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883803

Friday’s, Tel. 63-36-2886200, Fax: 2886222

Galaxy Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883130

GP’s Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883139

Jony’s Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883119

La Reserve Beach Club, Tel. 63-36-2883020, Fax: 2883017

Mango Ray Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883301

Pink Patio Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883888

Red Coconut Beach Hotel, Tel. 63-36-2883507

Sand Castle Resort,Tel. 63-36-2883207, Fax: 2883449

Seabird International Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883047, Fax: 2883816

Sea Gaia Divers Lodge, Tel.63-36-2883661

Sea Wind Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883091, Fax: 2883425

Seraph Hotel, Tel. 63-36-2886633, Fax: 2886663

Serina’s Place, Tel. 63-36-2883224

Sunshine Place, Tel. 63-36-2883221

The Club Ten Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883638

Tirol & Tirol Resort, Tel. & Fax: 63-36-2883165

Waling-Waling Beach Hotel, Tel. 63-36-2885555, Fax: 2884555

Willy’s Beach Resort, Tel. 63-36-2883395, Fax: 2883016

Other Resorts:

Boracay Beach & Yacht Club, Manok-Manok

Club Panoly Resort Hotel, Punta-Bunga, Tel. 63-36-2883011, Fax: 2883134

JMBS Cottages, Diniwid, Tel. 63-36-2883934

Mika’s Place, Diniwid, Tel. & Fax: 63-36-2883475

Paradise Bay, Tulubhan, Tel. 63-36-2885124, Fax: 2885127

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History of Panay and its towns

The wide island of Panay was originally inhabited by Negritos or locally called Ati tribe. Their disappearance was due to an innocent agreement they made with the sultan of Borneo back in 1250 to give up their land in exchange of a hat and gold necklace. Ati-atihan of Kalibo commemorates the Negritos traditional dances and rituals held during the handover of their land.

Early in the 13th century, Marikudo, a native chieftain, sold the coastal shores and lowlands to 10 Bornean Datus who escaped from the repression of Sri Vishayan Empire. One of them named Paiburong received the area Irong-Irong, which is now called Iloilo City, meaning nose-like, as its wide river mouth in the narrow Guimaras Strait appears like a snout.

The island lived peacefully until the arrival of Juan Miguel de Legazpi in 1566 that discovered and developed more towns. Inside Iloilo, he established a government in the town of Ogtong (Oton) and later moved to Arevalo. Finally in 1667, the capital was moved in Iloilo for safety reasons. The river mouth area provided better shield against raids by Muslims, Dutch and English pirates than the open shores further south.

Nowadays Iloilo stands out from other cities of Panay for having a rich cultural heritage displayed through their festivals, well designed handicrafts, ancestral mansions and old churches.

Negritos come to life

Kalibo is a jump-off point to Boracay but its major attraction is Ati-atihan festival. Every mid of January, this town inside Aklan celebrates its fiesta with an extra-ordinary festival. Well decorated performers dance with their feet heavily stomping the ground- thus creating a loud shaking sound all over town. Revelers of various nationalities pack this town to participate in this fun-filled street party. They come in their colorful costumes to dance, drink and enjoy the loud frenzied beat of drums and shuddering tribal sounds. Surrounding districts imitated Ati-atihan but Kalibo has the craziest and most unique activities enjoyed by all its participants.

To get here, major airlines have regular flights from Manila To Kalibo.

Invading Boracay

Not long ago, Boracay was inhabited by a tribe called Negritos. Since the invasion of tourism, their existence was swept away along with the islands pure environment by the inevitable transformation of the island to a prime tourist destination. Merchants from around the country invaded the once simple trading business of Boracay. Numbers of establishments jammed along the shores of the island’s extensive white-sand beaches. This massive clogging of resorts and restaurants never really hurt the attraction of foreign tourists. The island stayed naturally beautiful although blended with bright flashes of lights and lively music at night. The island continously attracts visitors not only for its natural beauty commonly seen by day but as well for its active nightlife. Contrary to what was expected, Boracay in fact made its way to most privileged tropical hideaways in Asia.

Boracay, a tropical paradise

Among all destinations in the Philippines, Boracay obviously is the most visited and the most popular. This butterfly-shaped island off the northwest coast of Panay have moved the island’s image from innocent to one of the most known islands in the world. A small island surrounded with white powdery sand, similar to that of icing sugar, uniquely made its way to worldwide recognition. Along with Boracay’s white-sand beaches, dramatic sunset showering the whole island with golden silhouettes, crystal clear water, and serene coves are as well bars, restaurants and hotels which tropical and international ideas blended together to satisfy the necessities of all tourists.The kept promises of Boracay

Considering over a hundred side by side gatherings of hotels, resorts and cottages all over the island, resorts range from plush airconditioned rooms to simple thatched huts cooled only by electric fans. There are banks equipped with automated teller machines for instant cash needs, and credit cards are accepted in almost all restaurants and resorts.

A wide range of sports activities, nightlife and social affairs regularly happens from December to May. Regatta- a sailing competition, Bikini Open, a competition of sexy bodies, and other fun-gearing activities famed Boracay holiday an addictive tropical delight.

For water activities, Boracay’s western coast is ideal for windsurfing, wakeboarding, waterskiing and diving. Every establishment in the island has diving gears for rent. In Boracay, locals alternate source of living as tourist guides leaves you no worries for touring around. Bancas or pump-boats are visibly lined up along the stretching coast of most tourist-packed areas. Snorkeling and fishing to quiet coves at the other side of the island are their best offered activities. Other than that, discovering the interiors of the island by motorbike, horseback riding or simply walking barefoot around the sandy streets of the coast are daily routines most tourists pass their Boracay holidays. For little necessities, although small, and somewhat far from the industrialized metropolis, Boracay provides its visitors every little necessities within few meters away.

If your energy is still up for the night, Boracay is a trendy island filled with discos and loud bars ideal for dancing, drinking and to dropping your head at the beach. No one leaves Boracay without trying the famous shooters of cocomangas bar or dancing barefoot at open discos by the beach. These are the hypes not a single tourist failed to do when in Boracay. “So much to do for such limited time.” Visitors of Boracay taste the fun and get addicted to it. They come back and explore more but most of the time they choose to stay…

To get there, most airlines have routes to either Kalibo or Caticlan. There are boats operating from Manila to Caticlan and if coming from Cebu, boats have regular routes to Kalibo. Jump-off point is primarily Caticlan. in which a 20 minute boatride is estimated from there to finally get to the island.

Panay Map


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