Makati City & Malate

greenbelt 3 by nightMost parts of Metro Manila established their own nocturnal hangouts. Makati City, the hottest of all, and known for its towering buildings and massive malls targets high society trendsetting owls. Transformed recently into a one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment district, restaurants and bars created their own idiosyncratic statement on dining, music and presentation intended for both foreign business travelers and locals who rather prefer the frantic life of the metropolis on weekend nights than traversing the roads to the countryside. Some hot places like Café Havana in the vicinity of Greenbelt 3, where cosmopolitan crowd are gathering up regularly, is best known for its lively Cuban music and Mojito drinks. Temple Bar and Absinth Bar are packed every weekend, floating with vivacious crowd and frenzeid music and a lot more which are simply located within every corner of Ayala Center.

In Malate, Nakpil Street is popular for its bars and restaurants clogged up along the sides of the road. On weekend nights, very young crowd mostly students pack this place until morning. Take your friends to exciting bars that display genuine works of artists and to some gay crowded discos. Surely if your purpose is to make your stay in Manila unforgettable, a week or even more is not enough to discover how enjoyable Manila nightlife is compared to other cities in Asia.

Manila Nightlife

Manila_bay_concert.2.jpgManila is the capital city and the center of events in the Philippines. This is where people of various origins meet up for business, socials and entertainment. It is undoubtedly a receptive social venue, gathering mixed people into open minded functions and organizations. In this recent generation as I mentioned regarding the country’s outgrown culture, the conservative locals then adapted a more modern way of life. They became more relaxed to the different angles of night exposure and being able to relate consciously.

Metro Manila has attained a reputation as the Philippines centre for entertainment and arts, providing visitors a wide range of lively bars, nightclubs and discos to choose from. Knowing Filipinos as naturally inclined to music, many prominent artists have even been reputed as best entertainers worldwide. In Manila, hotels have their own entertainment venues for concerts conducted by popular musicians; gathering selections of crowd mainly on busy weekends.

Upmarket Greenbelt Makati boasts loads of restaurants, bars and cafes lined up next to each other for a deviating range of idiosyncratic entertainment and refreshing ambiance. From the exotic dish of Filipino to sophisticating presentation of French cuisine, this place gather people through their personal preferences. And because of its high society image, visitors of Makati show themselves appropiately in style and behave with grace.

The established city of Malate which is known for its street parties and vivacious bars along Nakpil Street, attracts very young crowd and trendy partygoers. If you prefer simplicity and nonpretentious fun, this place has a lot to offer.

Partying Filipinos

Mainly big parties, social functions, dining and gathering of people around characterize nightlife in the Philippines. Filipinos naturally know how to party. Their lives evolve on music, crowd and socials. And by all means, occasions like birthdays, graduation parties, baptismal gatherings, weddings and alumni homecomings comonly done every summer bring out tons of beers and assorted Filipinos specialties spilling off the table. Aside from neverending eating, singing and drinking, these parties are not completed without the presence of music. Filipinos love dancing and this is as well evident in the increasing number of discos and bars popping in every corner of the growing metropolis of Manila and Cebu. Pnikpikan_concert.2.jpg

Makati and Taguig, reveal the reality of this trend with the presence of crowded open air cafes and loud bars almost sited next to each other. The Serendra of the Fort, the wide chic and vibrant atmosphere of Greenbelt get you to the upscale party venues in the country.

Some hotels offer a wide variety of entertainment from discos to live bands playing rock to reggae and to the extreme classical. The latest obsession is the come back of ballroom dancing, encouraging more mature dancers at their best conditions. It is though a craze that is making everyone share the dance floor with grace and unlimited freedom.

Concerts by the beach, by the bay, warehouse concerts are longtime favorites that until now people of all ages are crazy for. Rock bands are unbeatable groups playing in all corners of the Metropolis and as well gearing up fun-filled loud parties. Knowing where these concerts are takes only a matter of open ears and a wide range of informative sources.

Fete De La Musique is a music festival organized every year by the French embassy of the Philippines, honouring the influx of summertime in the west, which unfortunately is the contrary here. It is conducted every 21st if June, with the participation of most talented music artists united in several musical performances. Despite the annoying season and the presence of rain, which is expected at the time of this fete, the number of participants surprisingly fill up the whole venue. Youth dressed in radical outfits cover the area and participating bars filled up with performing bands and dancing crowd make up the whole craze a worth attending festival.