Women traveling alone

Women traveling alone is risky anywhere. Avoid dark places where known to be hang outs of gangsters or similar elements. Wearing descent outfit is the best way to earn respect from the locals. It is advisable to start a friendship with a local woman who can be best source of information and as well a good shield against persistent men. Beware of hitchhiking in this country. As much as possible do not accept invitations from anyone unless you know them.

Security risks in Mindanao

In reality, the Philippines is safe as long as basic precautions are followed. Few years ago, this country was considered a security risk for travelers due to the occurrence of kidnappings in the southern part of Mindanao. The event was published worlwide, and had created a major devastation mainly to the country’s tourism. These group actually introduced themselves members of some famous Muslim separatists but none of these organizations accepted such claim. They are actually members who have broken away and decided to raise money through smuggling, extortions and kidnappings for ransom. This is widespread in many regions of Mindanao. Some areas to avoid are the provinces of Basilan, Jolo, North Cotabato, Maguindano and Sultan Kudarat

Health Concerns

If you are coming from a temperate climate bear in mind that you are getting in a tropical country. While traveling, be prepared and be well equipped with complete safety kit for immediate needs. On a particular accident, rescue teams can be rare in the provinces, and sometimes hospitals’ emergency sections may lack facilities for emergency cases. Seriously injured patients are usually brought to hospitals in big cities.

When planning an adventure trip in this country, be sure you have complete vaccines and at least knowledgeable of basic medical trainings. Your safety kit must contain medicines against common injuries and wounds, diarrhea, food poisoning, fever and flu, some antibacterial and insect repellants.