More Interesting Shopping Centers

greenhills_shopping.2.jpgVirramall of Greenhills particularly has been famous for its computer items and services but recently due to the fast growth of telecommunication products, it became now the center of cellphone retailers. Electronics that are normally sold overpriced in other countries can be found fairly cheap here. If you are looking for some locally made high quality home decors, this place has good bargains and displays. The area is filled with all sorts of crowd. Hold tight on your belongings.

The crowded district of Manila displays an array of local herbs and medicine vendors which are clotted closely around Quiapo Church. Be aware however that some of it may not be of good benefit if you are seeking for a serious treatment. manila_quiapo_market_2.0.jpgFor handicrafts and wooden furnitures, there are nice items that can be easily spotted nearby Quiapo bridge. On the other side, Divisoria is an old time favorite shopping district for serious bargain hunters. Conviniently located near the seaport, most goods from around the country and abroad are unloaded in this area. This advantage however made it a gathering distric of rubbish, noise and street criminals. Despite this negative image, Divisoria remained an exciting place for best buys. Just don’t lose your awareness on your belongings. Pickpocket gangs are experts on creating scenes, making everyone pay less attention on their bags and wallets. It is advisable not to bring valuable items like passports and the likes. Be sure to hold your bags tightly and best if you put your money in your front pockets.

Filipinos’ daytime hangout……….

shopping_jewels2.jpgPhilippines is a young developing country that showcases a vast line of international trade. From the show off gallery of signature merchandises to the most rugged displays of bargains, the metropolis is the home of all these varieties. Big shopping malls around the metropolis are opening one after another to feed the Filipinos’ casual habit- malling. These malls somehow became more of a meeting place, a playground and even a Sunday family gathering venue. A place where a vast mix of Filipinos gather up for eating, walking, playing, and shopping and more shopping. A custom that recently became a mainstay of Filipino lifestyle. Regardless of this rewarding truth, competition in the market is tough. Retailers are continously coming up with new tricks to maintain the flow of these consumers. Malls have become not only a one-stop shopping venue but an integrated shopping-dining-service-entertainment centers.

Makati City and Ortigas City are business districts with sights of towering buildings and huge shopping malls. Ayala Center, the favorite choice of surrounding communities, is composed of several malls conveniently connected together by overpass and channels, wherein, Glorietta is the most modern of all and the center hub that is linked to almost all surrounding malls. This easy accessibility resulted to a shopping atmosphere comparable to those of Hongkong and Singapore. greenbelt12.jpgMainly crowds of students, yuppies, proffesionals who are staying for live entertainment shows on rush hours and mid day dining thicken the crowd of this busy shopping hub. Greenbelt and its refreshing sights of ornamental plants and palm trees provide an energizing atmosphere for shoppers and passers by. It has a park that has a well-designed garden which is suited for a short refreshing walk, and a dome chapel that awaits for a tranquil visit. The restaurants alongside of this mall represent a wide array of dining experience. There are even cinemas, fast-food centers, and a wide selection of entertainment bars perfect for any weekened break off in the city. Some of these are located along the busy street of Pasay Road.

Due to its fast development, Ortigas Center’s enormous shopping malls vibrates Mandaluyong City’s usual activities. Shangri-La Plaza, home to upscale spenders, has variety of expensive boutiques and dining centers. The huge SM Megamall caters an ordinary crowd to trendy shoppers giving a wide selection of shopping supplies and leisure needs. Nearby the infamous Edsa Shrine is Robinson’s Galleria.