In the city

manila_busy_street_4.0.jpgWhen moving around the busy highways of the city be aware of those proud drivers who expect their passengers to applaud on their ‘’snake” style driving. They are everywhere and creating hazards to both passengers and motorists. If you are driving, be alert and never assume you have the right of way or that freak driver follows traffic rules. If you are a passenger and your driver behaves like this, simply tell him to slow down and that you are not in a rush. In a public vehicle, your only option is to get off and look for another ride. Transportation in the country is easy and organized when taken wisely.

There are major bus companies operating inside the metropolis and buses bounded for provincial routes. Jeepney is a common transport facility particularly running in busy streets of Manila. Aside from its accessibility and well-organized routes, it is the cheapest way to go around.

Sea Transportation

Banca- a local pumpboatFerries ply the waters between islands around the Philippines. However, overcrowding and offloading more passengers are often critisized to cause unreasonable delays and sea accidents. Scary, but, Philippines has many options as to which ferry companies or boats to rely on.

Fastcrafts are smaller, newer and lighter than ferries, and as well safer and organized. They have airconditions, rolling supply of snacks and most of all 50% faster than the usual traveling time of ferries.

Pumpboats or wooden made boats are the most available form of transportation to reach a nearby island. It is a safe way but be sure to consider the weather before going. During peak seasons, boatmen are quite greedy for passengers. Overloading can be uncomfortable and frightening. Thus, don’t keep that extra budget, hire your own banca and travel worry-free.

Let’s move around the country fast or slow…..

traversing the peaks of  CordilleraIn most places of the Philippines, transportation was never a problem for people who have already explored the country. Varieties of transportation facilities from trains, buses, taxis, jeepneys, tricycles (motorbike with a sidecar), to the tiniest bicycle with a passenger sidecar can take you to a lot of places. These vehicles are clotted along the streets of most cities and big towns. Remote villages proudly present their water buffalo-drawn carriage, pulling agricultural products ready for a hitch anytime in muddy fields.