Before entering the country, you will be required to apply for a certain visa that regards with the purpose of your stay. Those with valid passports coming from countries having diplomatic relations with the philippines can enter and stay without visa for 21 days. Those who come for Business or work are obligated to file. In case you want to stay permanently through business or marriage, it is best to consult the Immigration Department of the Philippines for appropiate requirements. Tel. Nos.: 63-2-5276340


It is easy to establish a business in this country if you are capable of investing according to the standards of Philippine Business. Prior to this, be sure you have a visa related to your purpose. When processing your business, never trust unfamiliar locals who might approach for fast documentations. The office of Board Of Investments is a reliable department specializing on this matter. BOI Tel. Nos.: 63-2-8909306 or 63-2-8901332


If you are an adult, unmarried and capable enough to support a family, marrying a Filipino national is easy. But.. be aware that there is NO Divorce in the Philippine law and it takes several years of meticulous procedures to have one’s marriage annuled. Whether it will be a church or a civil wedding, you need to procure necessary documents and to follow certain rules that comply with your embassy and the Philippine marriage law. Your consulate knows best regarding this matter.