Living in the province

Living in an area out of the city is called “provincial life” in the Philippines. Simple, secluded, warm ambiance far from all the polluted loud life of the city, characterize life in the province. The community is tiny, but the neighborhood is big in terms of friendship. Everybody knows each other but they respect one’s private well being. They share, laugh and help each other build a peaceful community. Haven’t you been dreaming of this living environment?

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Living in the City

Living in the city means business, entertainment, towering buildings, big malls or in short, fast life. You are lost if you are new. Be equipped properly.

For business-associated people who would like to inquire for a place at least before coming or even when already in the country, it is our pleasure to guide you on your search that accords with your preferences and budget. We have gathered information on houses and condominium units for sale and rent around Metro Manila.

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Things to consider

boracay2-2.jpgDue to some outbreak of negative events, there are places, though despite of its beauty are considered security risks. Mindanao particularly hasn’t recovered yet from the presence of terrorists and battles where mostly civilians are caught up in chaos. There are places still inhabited by NPAs or the communist group fighting against the government. They don’t harm civilians but during a fight encounter, these innocent beings sometimes get caught in the middle. Another thing should be considered before buying a property is the location where typhoons and bad weather conditions can be frequent. Building a resort close to the Pacific Ocean can be a little risky.